Solutions in wood for different sectors

We transform the project proposals sent to us by architects and interior and industrial designers into highly personalised constructive products and solutions. We manufacture furniture and find comprehensive interior design solutions for different sectors including hotels, businesses, franchises, auditoriums, libraries and public buildings, among others. We also make components for other industrial sectors.

Interior design

We manufacture interior design elements to order: custom-made panels, enclosures, decorative and advertising elements, counters, furniture and other singular pieces in a multitude of different materials and finishes. We work together with architects and interior designers to achieve the best possible results and delivery time at the most reasonable cost.

Custom-made furniture

We manufacture custom-made furniture for all types of residential facilities and service sector installations.


Special furniture series and interior design solutions for hotels.


We manufacture customised furniture series for the premises of business chains and franchises, adapting functionality and style to the personality of each brand.


We find personalised furniture and interior design solutions for offices. We adapt new materials to create stimulating and flexible work spaces.

Construction in wood

Construction elements, structures and panels in wood made to order that meet the specifications of your project, using materials that are resistant to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.

Subcontracting for industry

We manufacture special furniture series for different brands.

Acoustic panels

For most projects, the new technical building regulations require specific acoustic conditions. We have wide experience in manufacturing absorbent acoustic panels in wood. For more information about acoustic panels, visit our brand’s website at

Personalised customer service desks

We build a wide range of customer service desks in a great variety of designs and materials to project requirements.