Our technology to the service of his project

To Mecakim apply the most advanced technologies to the manufacture in wood. It Would scheme and software of last generation and an exceptional team of professionals to do reality his project with some costs, some terms and some optimum qualities.

Worked with Numerical Control Machines (CNC)

We carry out machining jobs in 3, 4 and 5 axes on solid wood, agglomerated panels, fibreboard, phenolic and mineral fibre panels.

Cutting and optimisation of panels

We offer optimisation and cutting services for many types of materials.


Panel edging service with different materials including PVC, ABS and wood veneers.


Our nesting service allows maximum use to be made of panels in large and small series, with personalised designs on panels made of melamine, plywood, standard and coloured fibres, phenolic panels and light materials for covering exterior facades. .

Curved shaped edging

Our machinery allows us to create completely free irregular-shaped panels. When creating shapes on certain types of material, such as melamine or wood veneer, the edges reveal the inside of the material, which is not a satisfactory finish. We can cover the edges with corner pieces of different materials and thicknesses to give a perfect appearance.

3D machining

Our numerical control machinery allows us to mill free-form shapes on different material such as wood, fibres and polyurethane foam, among others.

Custom-made furniture

We manufacture special series of furniture custom-made for interior design projects, hotels, shops, displays, residential facilities and libraries, and more.

Membrane press machine

We have membrane press machines, which allow us to cover irregular surfaces with flexible or thermo-conformable materials.

Curved shaped pieces

Our machinery and software allow us to manufacture a great number of curved-shaped and three-dimensional pieces.

Manufacturing with acrylic materials

We have the machinery as well as the technology to manufacture pieces and components from acrylic materials such as CORIAN and the like.