Who are we?

Technology, reliability and experience in wood manufacturing

At Mecakim we find personalised solutions for interior design projects, construction and the furniture industry. We offer our clients a long experience, state-of-the-art technology and a thorough knowledge of materials.

We have specialised in wood machining since 1982

We manufacture custom-made furniture and find highly personalised interior design solutions for commercial spaces, offices, hotels, health centres and residential facilities.

Who are we addressing ourselves to?

We work together with architects and interior designers to develop solutions customised to their projects. We also work for manufacturers who need to subcontract the production of components or entire series.

What makes us different?

The personalisation of our service, fast delivery times and very competitive prices.

We have the high-quality technology required to carry through your projects. We are a structured, competitive company with an excellent response capacity. We are highly efficient and we achieve excellent quality at very competitive prices.

Innovation is part of our culture and since our beginning we have always strived to lead the field in using the latest machinery and materials.

We have international experience and a solid track record of manufacturing components and delivering comprehensive, personalised solutions for projects in many European, African, Asian and the Middle Eastern countries.